Why Choose Macroreer

Cheap and high quality

Usually in high speed networking you don’t want to use anything cheap but macroreer has really surprised me with their quality. I am using two of these to stack a pair of Fortinet Fortiswitches. I bought the ones for Cisco and they work fine. I have used their Gbics in a Ubiquiti POE switch and they have had no issues for over a year. These cables didn’t even exist 10 years ago as the shortest you could get from Cisco were 3 meters long and at $250. They click in positively and stay put with no play. They also unclick easily and pull out without getting stuck.

Trinergy / Google

Compatible with Intel

This DAC cable is well built and works perfectly with my Solarflare SFN7122F and Intel X520-DA2. My OEM Intel X520-DA2 doesn’t accept non-Intel SFP+ but this cable works perfectly. Testing throughput with iperf3 gives me 9.9Gbps (MTU set to 9000) and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

This is my 1st Macroreer purchase and I will definitely consider their products moving forward.

Blake B. / Seagate

Works great

I set up an enterprise VMware environment at home for certification purposes as well as keeping my skills fresh and keeping my thumb on the pulse of technology. Doing so, a 10Gb network is a must and you need to source cables somewhere. Angry at myself for throwing out 60 or so of these cables at my job 2 years ago, I had to buy some.. and they arrived fast and definitely work great. The only thing to be aware of is that the pull tabs to release the cable don’t all work properly. It’s a well known fact that you sometimes have to push the cable in while pulling the tab to release it, but that trick doesn’t work here. You have to use a paperclip to slide into the slot carefully release it. For that reason, and only that reason alone I have to take away a star.

Keith Elkin / Durham University